About us

About us

About ten years ago from now,

there were not various LED bulbs yet as today. The light of the LED bulb was irradiated forward because the light distribution angle was narrow. The light color was mainly white (daylight color), there was not much warm color similar to an incandescent light bulb.

Also, because heat radiation is important for LED bulbs, the heat sink area occupied in the bulb body had to be increased. At the time the demand for designability was still low.

In such circumstances,

we emphasized the design as much as possible and aimed to bring it closer to an incandescent bulb.
We planned and developed LED light bulbs with wide light distribution with transparent glass cover and commissioned them to overseas manufacturers in 2010.
We began selling under the brand name "Brilliant" as LED clear light bulb" for the first time in Japan.

Like incandescent light bulbs,

"Light spreads in all directions" "Sparkling,glittering lights" "Dimmable LED lamp" "Warmth", our company "Brilliant" with these features, it was accepted to market at a stretch. On the other hand, many similar products came on sale around 2013 ...

"Brilliant" LED candle bulb is the product which designed the heat sink as compact as possible and improved the design. It is a product of long run which has been renewed many times so far and has reached today.

"Brilliant" LED bulbs have received a lot of inquiries not only from general homes but also from hotels, inns, wedding holes, churches, temples, restaurants, shops, public facilities, etc. Our product has been adopted a lot until now at many places.
The photo collection in which our products are active in various places is posted on this WEB site.

Our standard is "Japan quality".

We place great importance on power supply. It is an invisible part, but it is no exaggeration to say that its power supply determines the value of the LED bulb.
Our products are adapt with Safety and EMC. Flicker does not occur. Namely high quality power supply is installed.
Currently we consign production to an excellent LED lighting factory in China according to Japan's strict standards.