“Brilliant” for led candle bulb has Japan Quality

"Brilliant" is glittering led light bulb with Japan Quality

"Brilliant" is the brand name of our LED candle bulb and LED clear bulb.
"Brilliant" is an extremely effective LED bulb for chandeliers.
"Brilliant" has glittering lights.
The sparkling light of "Brilliant" is excellent, and makes the chandelier more elegant.
 It makes you a gorgeous and happy feeling.

Although the LED filament bulb is certainly excellent, but the glitter is inferior to "Brilliant".
We want to value the sparkle's worth very much.

"Brilliant Basic"

Brilliant basic warm
chandelier at residence 2
Crystal chandelier at church 2

We will provide Japan Quality.
We have been manufacturing and selling "Brilliant" for about ten years.
We've been doing model changes many times for quality improvement.
"Brilliant" is a basic style, it is a popular high quality product that continues to sell for a long time.

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New! "Brilliant Rhinestone"

Brilliant rhinestone led candle bulbs
Brilliant Asfour rhinestone led candle bulb
Antique chandelier1

"Brilliant Rhinestone" is the new product which luxuriously colored with Crystal Rhinestone.
Such the beautiful light bulb with new value has never existed so far.

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